By: Josh Ellsworth, Original Publish Date: May 2011

Flashy Finishes

Heat printing with foil is immensely popular. Look at any shirt in a retail store that contains a foil print and, odds are, it was heat printed. In most cases the adhesive or plastisol base has been screen printed to the garment, but the finishing step is foil applied with a heat press.

Actually there are many ways to foil a T-shirt with a heat press. Each has pros and cons.

In addition to the screen printed foil receptive, there are also new no-trim transfer papers to create a foil print receptive. Another way is to cut an adhesive with a vinyl cutter, weed away the excess and use it as a foil receptive. Or, utilize a screen printed adhesive transfer as the base.

With this many choices, itís important to select the right foil method for the job, so an understanding of each process is critical. Here is a short and sweet breakdown of each.

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