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The M&R Forums FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Where did the old Forum categories go?

The list below shows how our forums where merged. The new forum categories are in bold.

About the Forums (new)
Forums FAQ
New Forums Guide

Announcements (new)


Business, Computers and Finance (new)
Equipment Financing
Other Computer Related

Digital Printing and RIP software (new)
General Digital Printing
RIP Software

General Discussions (new)
Equipment Financing
Fun & Humor
Shows & Events
Suggestion Box
Tell It Like It Is

Graphic Printing (new)
General Graphic Printing

Inks, Emulisions and Chemicals (new)
Int'l Coatings
Union Ink

Product Promotion (new)
Product Promotion

Screen Printing Equipment (new)
AWT/American M&M
Newman Roller Frames
Other Equipment

Sourcing and Promotional Products (new)
Apparel Sourcing
Promotional Products

Textile Printing (new)
General Textile Printing
High-end Textile Printing

M&R Screen Printing (new)

M&R Digital (new)
M&R i-Dot

What are the M&R Forums and how can they help me?

The M&R Forums are user-to-user support forums where industry experts, suppliers, and printers get together to discuss the screen printing and digital printing. You'll find a wealth of information about screen printing and digital printing products, supplies and techniques. You can participate in discussions about various products and topics, find solutions to help you resolve issues, ask questions, get tips and advice, and more.

If you have technical questions about an M&R product, be sure to consult the Product Manual that came with your equipment before posting your question or issue, or call our Technical Support hotline at 800-736-6431 or +1-847-967-4461

To participate in the M&R Forums, you must agree to and abide by the M&R Forums Site Terms of Use Agreement—our set of "House Rules."

What do I need to get started?

You may browse and read any of the M&R Forums without logging in, but if you want to post a topic or reply to messages, you will need to log in with a Forum User Name, a unique user ID that allows you to access various online resources.

If you don't already have an Forum User Name, you can create an account by clicking Register in the upper navigation bar of any page. In the resulting page, fill out the Required Information fields, read and agree to the Terms of Use Agreement by checking the box next to I have read, and agree to abide by the M&R Forums rules button, then click Complete Registration. You will be sent a verification email with a link to click in order to verify your email address. (You will need to verify your email address before you can log in and post to the forums.

How do I log in?

On the top right hand side of the page, type in your User Name and Password next to Login then click Go

What do I do if I forget my Forum User password?

Just reset your password. Enter your User Name at the upper right corner of any Forum page and then click Go. Follow the instructions on the page that follows.

How do I modify my personal profile?

Once you’ve logged in to the forums, you can access your profile by clicking on the Settings link to the right of My Profile at the upper right corner of every forum page. On the Settings page you’ll be able to edit your profile information, select or modify your avatar, modify your signature and subscriptions, and change your password.

You can also check your Inbox, Sent Items, Archive and post a private message to other users on the Forums.

How do I change my email address?

If you want to change your Forum User email address or any other information stored in your Forum User account, visit the Settings page.

How do I view other member profiles?

Simply click on a member's alias wherever it's displayed as a link. You can also view the user’s recent posts, statistics, etc. by clicking the various tabs in the User’s Profile.

I have a question or issue—how do I search for answers?

It's possible that your question or issue has already been answered by other members, so do a search before posting a question. On all of The M&R Forums pages, you'll find a Search box in the upper right. Enter a search term (or terms) in the search box and press Go. Your results will appear as a list of links to posts below the Search pane.

To search a specific forum you can use the Search Forum link at the right side of the Forum header.

How is the content organized?

All content in The M&R Forums is organized as follows:

Forum Categories—Categories represent a collection of topical forums as well as other categories, and are used to organize forums.

Forums—Forums are the areas where individual discussions take place. The discussions are displayed as a list of topics.

Threads—Threads refer to the actual topics of discussion, each of which consists of messages displayed as a conversation.

Messages—Messages are the individual posts made by community members. If you click a topic to view a discussion, you'll see messages posted by other members.

Replies—Replies are posts made in response to other messages and are organized in a flat or threaded manner. For example, if someone posts a question in a topic, other members may post a reply to that question.

How does my rank change?

Your rank is assigned based on your total number of posts. Each level adds another shirt in the row displayed below your username.

Level - Post Count

5 - 5,000+

4.5 - 1000 to 4999

4 - 500 to 999

3.5 - 250 to 499

3 - 150 to 249

2.5 - 100 to 149

2 - 50 to 99

1.5 - 25 to 49

1 - 10 to 24

.5 - 1 to 9

How do I change Topic views?

Threads can be viewed in four ways: Linear - Oldest First, Linear - Newest First, Threaded or Hybrid. You may prefer to read a linear (Normal) progression of posts where each post is displayed in sequence of their submission, a Threaded format where posts are displayed in an outline form showing their relation to previous posts, or Hybrid, a combination of the two. To change the view, click on Display in the upper right corner of the Topic heading and select the desired format. Another way to set your view is, go to Settings > My Settings > General Settings, then scroll down to Thread Display Options and use the pull down menu next to Thread Display Mode.

How do I post a Thread?

Click the + Post New Thread button at the top of a relevant forum page to post your own question or issue.

Note: Please be sure to review the M&R Forums Site Terms of Use Agreement to understand what type of submissions are relevant.

How do I reply to a post?

While viewing a post, click Reply or Reply With Quote in the lower right corner of the post. In the resulting page, type your message in the reply box.

How do I format text in my posts?

You can use the formatting buttons at the top of the text entry box to format your post as desired. Simply enter your message, then select the text that you want to affect, then click the appropriate button at the top of the text entry box. You can adjust the text size and color, and there are also buttons for adding images, links, etc. and they add the code to your message automatically. Rolling over each of the buttons at the top of the text entry box will reveal a small "tool tip" with the name of the button's function. If you prefer, you can add the code manually as you type your message. The modifications and their code are shown below:


To bold text:

To italicize text:

To underline text:

To add an inset Quote, use the Quote button:

To insert a linked image:

To add a link to a website:
[url=http://www.mrprint.com]M&R’s Homepage[/url]

To left justify your text:
[left]left justified[/left]

To center justify your text:
[center]center justified[/center]

To right justify your text:
[right]right justified[/right]

To embed a YouTube video:

To add text that is initially hidden waiting for a button click to reveal the content:

Once you have completed your formatting in a New Thread Post you can preview the effects by clicking Preview Post at the bottom of the Your Message box. – the page will refresh and show your preview at the top of the page – if you’re happy with the effects, scroll down the page to the text entry box and click Submit New Thread at the bottom.

If you are replying to a post, you can preview the effects by clicking Go Advanced at the bottom of the text box, then click Preview Post at the bottom of the Your Message box. – the page will refresh and show your preview at the top of the page – if you’re happy with the effects, scroll down the page to the text entry box and click Submit Reply at the bottom.

What are subscriptions?

Subscriptions allow you to get email notifications about new content in the forums that interest you. You can subscribe to forums or topics.

Subscribing to a Forum

To add a forum to your subscription list, click Forum Tools in the forum header, then choose Subscribe to This Forum. Be aware that subscribing to a forum may be unreasonable for very busy areas due to the potentially overwhelming number of messages you may receive.

Subscribing to a Thread

To add a Thread to your subscription list, click on Thread Tools in the in the thread header and select Subscribe to This Topic. From this same pull down menu, you can also choose to Email This Page or Show Printable Version.

How do I unsubscribe from a forum, thread, or other item?

To see your current list of subscriptions, click Settings in the upper right corner of any page, then select Subscriptions in the list of items on the left. From this page you can manage or delete your subscriptions. You can also select Unsubscribe from This Forum/Thread using the Thread Tools menu on the appropriate Forum or Thread header.

I read a post that was offensive or abusive, what should I do?

Report the poster! At the bottom of the offensive message, click on the triangular icon with the exclamation mark, then type in a message to the moderator and click Send Report. The Moderator will review the post and take appropriate action that may include editing of the offensive comment, deletion of the post or suspension of the User that made the post.

Spam, Spam, Spam!

If you see what you believe is Spam, please report the poster! At the bottom of the spam message, click on the triangular icon with the exclamation mark, then type in a message to the moderator and click Send Report. The Moderator will review the post and take appropriate action that may include editing of the offensive comment, deletion of the post or suspension of the User that made the post.

Who are the M&R Forums personnel?

Administrators—Administrators are M&R Employees who focus on maintaining, updating, and enhancing the discussion forums.

Moderators— Moderators will attempt to maintain proper decorum in the discussion forums. Due to post volume and other factors, Moderators may not respond promptly, or at all, to these discussions. Moderators can also suspend users for inappropriate actions or posts or other violations of the M&R Forums Site Terms of Use Agreement.

M&R Employees—Employees of M&R who are not Moderators or Administrators may have an M&R Employee avatar that appears when they post. These M&R employees volunteer their time to assist with products and processes for which they are familiar. Since they are answering questions outside of their normal responsibilities, they may not always be available to respond to questions.

Important: Employees of M&R Sales and Service, Inc. (M&R) may respond to issues within this forum. M&R is under no duty to provide a response to an issue, or to do so in a timely manner. If M&R responds to an issue, it is M&R’s intent that the information provided is accurate and reliable. However, given the expectation of the forum to provide real-time responses, not all information will be readily verifiable. ACCORDINGLY, M&R EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, AS TO ANY INFORMATION PROVIDED BY IT UNDER THIS FORUM, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR SATISFACTORY QUALITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NON INFRINGEMENT. Users of this forum may want to refer to information provided by M&R through its Product Manuals and Technical Services department or the Technical Support available by calling 800-736-6431 or +1-847-967-4461 for more detailed information on a particular issue. M&R may provide information that is relevant to an international issue, which may contain references or cross references to M&R products, programs, and services that are not announced in your country. Such reference does not imply that M&R intends to announce such products, programs, or services in your country.

The M&R Forums Glossary of Terms

If certain buzz words in our forums leave you scratching your head, here's some insight to what these words mean.

Discussion—An extended, public conversation about a particular topic or issue in a bulletin board-like format.

Forum—A collection of items that are relevant to one particular topic, such as discussions, FAQs, and links to support articles about a particular application. Forums are represented by book icons on the M&R Forums site.

Post—"Posting" is the act of submitting a message. A post is essentially a message from a user that appears in any forum. A post can be a new topic or a reply to a message. The forums are comprised of original messages that are posted about a topic and the replies posted in response.

Thread—A thread is the series of replies posted in response to the original topic. This comes from the expression, "following the thread of a conversation."

Threadjack—To wrongly post a dissimilar issue in an existing discussion, distracting from the true focus of the discussion. If your issue has any significant difference from a similar topic, then you're probably better off posting a new topic to focus attention on your particular issue.

Topic—A topic is the subject matter of a particular discussion, as set by the user who posts the original message to start that particular discussion.

Troll—A troll is someone who strives to disrupt a constructive conversation by posting flames or specious arguments. Trolls sometimes impersonate another user by posting under a false user name. If you have a troll in your midst, let an M&R Forums Admin know.

What are the banner ad specifications

Banners dimensions are 468x60px. Formats can be .jpg or .gif (animated okay). File size should be no more than 75kb and preferably under 50kb.

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