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Kirk Rudy DoD Printing/Encoding

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  • Kirk Rudy DoD Printing/Encoding

    Kirk Rudy DoD Printing/Encoding

    Model: 219-w
    Year of manufacture: 2014
    CPH: 5000-8000
    Card count: Approximately 3 million

    Accepting all reasonable offers

    Pictures attached

    Full configuration
    QTY Part # Description
    2 Enercon Control Box Enercon Control Box
    4 Enercon Dyne A Mite Applicator Plasma
    2 Fusion UV Curing Fusion UV Curing
    2 Fusion Controller Fusion Controller
    1 KR Encoder Base KR 687 Encoder
    2 KR 219 Camera Base KR Camera Mount Rack
    2 KR 219 W Wave Jet Splitbelt
    1 KR 314-4 KR 314 4 ft Conveyor
    1 KR 477 KR Turnover Base
    1 KR 496F Cab Short Cabinet Short
    1 KR 496FS Servo Friction Feeder
    2 KR 837 SV Divert
    2 Monitor Computer Stand Monitor Stand
    2 Wave Jet V25 Headholder Headholder v v2.5
    1 Wave Jet Controller Wave Jet Controller


    Heads are original Wave Jet V2.5 , no blocked nozzles, no previous repair, possible replacement of 1x head planned for July

    Hammerhead cure lamps, when last were lamps replaced? 1st quarter 2018

    Corona or Plasma treatment and size covered? Plasma (Atmospheric)

    Version of camera verification installed? BASLER acA640-120gr

    Is this system in running condition? Yes

    When was the last time it ran? This month(June) 2018

    Year of the Kirk Rudy is 2014

    Where is it located? outside of the USA I can get you a shipping quote

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