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DTG-Dryer-Firefly-FY3X27-45-Black . $23,500 (Negotiable)

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  • DTG-Dryer-Firefly-FY3X27-45-Black . $23,500 (Negotiable)

    Link to images:

    The Firefly is a Multi-chamber, Multi Belted electrical dryer primarily used for DTG printing.

    Dual Chamber firefly with 3 belts is being sold due to a reorganization of one department. We no longer need this.
    Our firefly model is the FY3X27-45 with minor changes to belt size.

    We have owned the Firefly for about 8 months and have put about $15,000 into upkeep and maintenance to make it very efficient.
    -Sensors Cleaned for all camera's
    -2 new camera's added.
    -Added metal bulb protector's to prevent garments from burning or causing fire's
    -All bulbs were replaced during a quarterly maintenance check. (extra stock of bulbs available)
    -Weekly Maintenance Deep cleaning and as well as daily upkeep.

    Key features of the Firefly
    -2 chambers
    -3 Belts in total with a width of 29 inches each. 2 belts are 20 feet long and one belt is 28 feet long.
    -Separate computer tower that allows for temperature and time settings per garment type.
    -T.V. Monitor Included with a remote control
    -Height Sensors to detect if a garment may get caught which leads to stopping the belt.
    -A feature which allows for quick settings changes without having to interact with the computer. Scanner needs to be bought.
    -Each belt can have its own individual settings for varied use.
    -208 Volts. 92 AMP

    We already have settings for multiple printing uses
    -Kornit and Brother Settings for Color+White
    -Kornit and Brother Settings for Color Only

    Selling as is.
    The middle belt was burnt but it works fine. Replacement not necessary. Can be fixed with a patch kit.
    BrownDigital (Manufacturer) is willing to do installation and setup for the potential buyer.

    Any and all additional Questions regarding the dryer and its maintenance can be discussed with our tech directly with each individual interested buyer.