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Moving M&R screen printing equipment to the first floor

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  • Moving M&R screen printing equipment to the first floor

    I own a T-shirt printing business. I started this with friends as just an Instagram account. Now we have our own website and a lot of orders per day. In this beginning, we just did the designs and printed them somewhere else. Later we bought our own printing machine. Now the number of orders are so high and we are planning to buy a new one. We have the money, the main problem with this is something else. The new machine only could be installed on the first floor and we are thinking hard about how to do this. We've thought about renting a hydraulic lift table. But they are not available anywhere near. So right now our only option is to buy one. So I want to know what else we can do with a hydraulic lift table. Do comment your ideas.

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    I'm not following - what is the reason to rent a hydraulic table? - what do you want to do with it?
    to move any equipment you gotta disassemble it first - what kind of equipment is it?


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      When you say the first floor, do you mean the ground level floor as in the US, or next floor up which is called the first floor in the UK?