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Help with Color RIP and new versions of Pshop & Illi CC

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  • Help with Color RIP and new versions of Pshop & Illi CC

    My Art room has been cursing along just fine until now. 5 years using M&R and ColorRIP with very few issues. I had Photoshop 6CS and Illy 6CS running M&R color RIP to our two I Images. We have a 5-600 screen a day requirement so we need speed and accuracy. I had ALL that until we upgraded. here is what we did........

    Upgraded all our art stations - 6 of them - to the new Adobe Illy CC and Photoshop CC. Re-did profiles to stop the naming of PC's to a person and are now called "art #1" - "art #2" - ect. We use M&R's ColorPRINT RIP. We have two I-Image ST units one brand new and one has some age to it. We just started using two ColorRIP stations to run files and was set up by M&R's tech's - I have confidence they were set up right - I don't know who the tech was. We set up the second one because the old first one was giving us lots of grief. We needed a quick solution for "art to screen-room". All PC's are only 1-2 years old and in top shape. All are running in 16 Gigs if RAM. We are not a MAC shop in any way.

    now - my RIP's have gone south...
    RIP's for a while, then jams (we have to restart)
    Runs OK, then won't "reverse" images
    Runs 3-4 jobs OK then cuts images in half
    Runs then stops
    (this happens on both RIP stations)

    M&R on phone (great support guys) - reinstalled RIP- re set up hot folders - re did everything.
    Art room runs for almost a day and back to the same problem

    We are at a loss...
    Did I miss something in upgrading Adobe?
    Did I miss something in new profiles?
    Did I miss something in the re-setup of the M&R RIP?
    Any suggestions please.

    Thanks in advance for any comments

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    It sounds like you could be having an overload issue. Are the PRT files all going into one queue folder? Are you using two different queue folders?
    Is the art that gets put into ColorPRINT all coming from a server? If so, you may need to run everything locally, just as a test. Do this one rip station at a time so you do not fully stop your production.
    To get to the solution, items need to be eliminated as a problem. Testing should be done on one computer at a time.
    While testing on the fist computer, note and see if you are still getting hang-ups on the other computer.
    I recommend that you contact Digital Service today if you haven't already. Continue to work with them, and the same tech, until this issues has been resolved.
    Marco Zablockij
    M&R Company
    Digital Products Division
    Digital Service Dept: 847-410-3500
    Main (M&R): 800-736-6431