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Problems with lines through design after RIP

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  • Problems with lines through design after RIP

    After ripping the file, when I bring it into Print Production, there are lines through some sections of the image. I have verified with the art dept. that these are not in the image files before they send them. They only show up after RIP and in the Print Production part. Hope someone can help.

    Click image for larger version

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    Re: Problems with lines through design after RIP

    Who is saying that? Was the art created on a PC or a Mac? I have had issues in the past with auto-traced art done on a PC, possibly with Corel, splitting the image into sections (called split complex paths). I only noticed it when I was putting a stroke around the image. I learned how to weld them together with the pathfinder tool in Illustrator. I've never had this come up on my iImage, so it may be totally unrelated. You're sure its not just a clogged head? If you move the art around or sideways and it is still in the same place, it probably is the art.


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      Re: Problems with lines through design after RIP

      The lines are present in the file after RIP. It's not a print head issue or anything. I called M&R and they think it was bad art. I sent them the art files and they are trying to figure out what the problem is.


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        Did you ever figure out a solution to this problem, we are also having this issue with our artwork. It only seems to happen on smaller files. Like left chests and the such.

        This is what some of our files are coming out looking like.

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