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Epson SureColor P-6000 and T-RIP 2.0 XL

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  • Epson SureColor P-6000 and T-RIP 2.0 XL

    I'm interested to know if any printer has experience using this printer/software combination and if they could share settings recommendations for the printer and/or T-RIP software.

    Printer: Epson SureColor P-6000
    Software: T-RIP 2.0 XL

    Thank you.

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    Re: Epson SureColor P-6000 and T-RIP 2.0 XL

    Same as you, i need more information about this printer, especially Epson SureColor P6000.
    I want to buy this printer, because I need more printer to print my design.
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      Re: Epson SureColor P-6000 and T-RIP 2.0 XL

      Not sure if this is going to help you but I will tell you the importance of using a good software. The software you use is just as important as having a good printer? The printer is only doing what it is told by the software itself. Printing must be easy and your colors should look right the first time. Some software need to test print and then dial it in and this is not cost effective. A good RIP should also have an ink calculator - that will help you understand the actual cost of each print.