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Problems With M&R Maxi Cure Dryer (Model# MC4810-3)

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  • Problems With M&R Maxi Cure Dryer (Model# MC4810-3)

    Good morning,

    For the past 3 months we have been experiencing some problems with our Maxi Cure Dryer where there were issues of prints not curing, fluctuations in the temperature and burners not functioning properly.

    We changed the mercury relay and still there were no positive changes as the fluctuations in the temperature were either too hot and burnt our prints or not hot enough and unable to cure.

    Furthermore, the panel on the dryer is showing that all burners are on, however when you look into the dryer there is no indication that any of the burners are on and the heat is not conveying likewise.

    The normal temperature we would run dryer at is 750 and the speed would range between 40-48.

    One a couple occasions we had to immediately shut down the dryer/put on air because the temperature gage stuck at 225 but the burners in the dryer were extremely red and hot which is not an accurate depiction of what the temperature panel was stating.

    Can you please assist us with any possible answers as to why these problems may be occurring.

    We greatly appreciate it and look forward to your soonest response!

    Kind regards,

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    My fist question would be, have you tampered with the thermo-couple placed in one of the heater panels. There is a quartz tube within the IR panel that the thermo-couple probe must be inserted. It is possible that the quartz tube has been damaged, cracked or broken causing erratic signal to be sent to the temp controller. The panels are compensating for the erratic signal. I have also seen the terminals on the IR heater elements burn off, you may have to check the connections. Stainless steel hardware must be used on the terminal connections with fiber glass tape for insulation.

    You will be better served by talking to our service department at 800-483-8765 rather than trying to resolve this problem here.
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