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  • Live Screen Printing or On Site Events

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've been online here, so hope all are doing well. Big shout out to Boston Sam!

    I am looking to add Live screen printing to our services but having trouble with the pricing structure. So many variables seem to go into what to charge.

    I want to be able to market this service as an entertainment option to the business or event people and not looking to sell individual shirts to the public. I'm looking at a pricing structure based on charging a a minimum rate based on how may hours we would be at event plus number of people that will be at the event. Does anyone have experience in doing Live screen printing where your pricing is based on charging the venue instead of selling shirts at the event? If so, can you share how your structure works? Or PM me if rather talk off line or consult with us

    Thanks in advance

    Monkey in a Dryer

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    Re: Live Screen Printing or On Site Events

    I'm taking a gander at a valuing structure in light of charging a base rate in view of how long we would be at the occasion in addition to a number of individuals that will be at the occasion. Does anybody have involvement in doing Live screen printing where you're evaluating depends on charging the setting as opposed to offering shirts at the occasion? Do my Essay for me Assuming this is the case, would you be able to share how your structure functions?