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Getting the art ready for exposure

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  • Getting the art ready for exposure

    Hello, the company i work for has an artist that just hands me the design already on the correct paper. My question here is how would i get my own art that i would like to print for myself onto the correct material to take it to work the expose it to a screen to print. My girlfriend is a artist and i want to promote her work so i am trying to figure out a way to make my own Templates to expose. Any and all suggestions that answer what type of paper can i use to put her art on that i can take in to expose would be much appreciated. Back in grade school they had overhead projectors and the teachers would write on this clear plastic like paper to display on the wall/board, do you think that would work if i drew on it and then exposed it to a screen? Please help, I know there are some small printers or hobbyists out there that dont have the big expensive machines and printers to spit out the art templates to expose to screens.