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    Welcome to the UltraSol Inks sub-forum. We are especially grateful to M&R for allowing us this opportunity to help others. We are here to answer your questions, about UltraSol Ink and your production problems.

    UtraSol Ink is owned and operated by Bill Hood and Roberto Gonzales. We have been manufacturing textile inks since 1995. We distribute our inks in the United States through the Screenprint Store in Austin, Texas, which we own and operate. We have decided to not go through distributorships as we want to make sure that WE are serving our customers in the best possible manner.

    Our Mission...

    At UltraSol we strive to make the world's finest textile inks with the consistency to remain at the forefront of the screenprinting industry technology.

    About Us...

    UltraSol Inks are different! We take great pride in the fact that we first and foremost are screenprinters with many years of experience in printing for the some of the largest and most demanding corporations in the world - Harley Davidson, Barbie, Hello Kitty, Simpsons and many others. Our inks have been approved for use by Under Armor, American Eagle Outfitters, GAP, Old Navy and other lines. We don't just make ink - we print with it, every day. We begin each day with the goal to improve the screenprinting process and the inks we print with - passing along our successes to you.

    We manufacture plastisol inks for screenprinting textile products of all kinds - T-shirts, athletic wear, caps, towels, sportswear, jackets, flags, knits, and piece goods. Our custom-color formulations of direct print ink are the most opaque colors in the industry. We also manufacture phosphorus, puff, high-density, gels, and special effect inks - in custom color matching, if needed.

    We make all of our inks in our own factory. This is not a private label ink manufactured by a large and diversified global conglomerate, but real ink for real screenprinters made by real screenprinters. Our experience, quality, knowledge and unparalleled service are our hallmarks.

    Our sales and customer service staff offer advice, answer technical questions and offer free seminars to present comprehensive solutions for bringing control to the screenprinting process that will increase your ability to produce higher quality goods, in less time, and ultimately make more money.


    Ultrasol Ink believes in giving back to the community. If you have any questions regarding the screenprinting process, we are here to help you - even if you are using another ink. You have our complete technical knowledge at your disposal. Feel free to ask questions here, by email at, or give us a call at 512.801.6458. We are happy to be a part of your success.

    We are proud to be a member of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association - the only international association for specialty imaging. Their mission is to provide imaging professionals with the tools and information needed to make the best possible business decisions. If you are not yet a member of the SGIA, we encourage you to look into their member benefits and considering the opportunities offered.

    Feel free to visit our website at to see printed samples of our inks in action.
    May all your impressions be great,

    Bill Hood
    Consultant to the Screenprinting Industry Worldwide since 1983
    Austin, TX and Cuernavaca, MX
    World Phone: (0011) 512.481.2465