Hi all!
First I want to thank you all for having such a wonderfull forum.
I do T-shirt printing but we live on a 3rd world country so everything is so expensive for us.
We normally use kerosine to clean our screens and open up the designs because destroying them completely and then remaking them costs to much money.
But since a few weeks ago we swithed to something called an ink degrader that's supposed to work the same way.
We tested it and it work out fine but now it suddenly doesn't work the way it did before.
We used a peace of cloth to put degrader on the screen and then wash it away with water.
That worked out fine but now suddenly it won't work anymore.
It gets very hard to remove the ink of the screens.
Am I doing something wrong?
And second of all we have an M&R gauntlet rs machine and it looks like it's programmable but nobody knows how to program it.
Do any of you know?
Now we're just using it like a semi automatic machine but there seems to be a way to program it in a way that it automatically prints like it can turn off or onj heads automatically.
Plus it's suposed to have a T-shirt sensing system but on this one it doesn't seem to work because if you forget to put the T-shirt in it justs prints on wood.
Do Any of you know that?
Thanks in advance.