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AWT High Tech Micro 1626 - Parts missing Help!

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  • AWT High Tech Micro 1626 - Parts missing Help!

    Hello, after buying some of the parts needed to get my press up and running, including a very expensive PLC reprogramming, I was able to finally fire up the press, but during the tests, I noticed that the carriage won't move back or forward. It makes a sound like it's trying yet nothing moves. On further inspection when I removed the back carriage panel I noticed I have a chain that I believe should be moving the carriage attached to nothing at all.

    I'm very puzzled as to why the previous owner would have taken it out and I obviously have no clue as to what the parts look like.

    I'd be really grateful to anyone who can help me out by taking photos of said parts so I can start trying to source them.

    Also, on another note. Does anyone know if M&R or other companies make squeegee holders and flood bars for AWT presses? Just want to know if the design is very brand specific.

    Thanks again.

    Missing a crucial part I believe.

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    We may have parts for this machine.. We parted out and scrapped a 25x38 awt accu-print machine. Let us know if you need parts... 847-877-0447
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