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    Hi Forums

    We finally joined the I-Image world, bought a used I-image ST 2 head printer.

    Printer is working great, after one day of testing we're excited AND mad at ourselves for not making the jump sooner!

    I've poured over the forums and found some good workflow posts on how to get the Art from Art Department to screen, but have a couple basic questions.

    M&R digital department was super helpful in getting us setup, but i thought id ask a few questions here.

    We created some blank templates in Photoshop and Illustrator for our different screen sizes, i thought it was the easiest way to have the art department place sep files already at the right positions on screen, but when we output the screen the printer keeps printing the ENTIRE dimension of the template, even if there is no art on the rest of the screen.

    So for a 23x31 template with only a 6 inch design on it, our printer keeps "printing" the entire 31" down, without laying any ink since the space is blank.

    Is this how other users are setting up files? or just using the Colorprint RIP for file placements? The manual we have seems to offer up slightly conflicting options to do this.

    Also, when we import a PDF file from Illustrator, the I-image is printing a square border box around all of our seps.

    I'm sure its a bonehead mistake on our part, but have tried saving the art is several different ways but its still doing it.

    Any advice or Art worklfow advice from other I-Image users would be appreciated!

    I can always call M&R again monday, but they already spent two hours on phone with us last week so thought id give them a break and try here!

    thanks for your time