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Sportsman EX servo error

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  • Sportsman EX servo error

    Hello, I have a sportsman EX 8-color press exhibiting strange behavior. Alarm "servo amplifier" always appears on power on, sometimes accompanied by "yellow cord." During operation, the clevis fork will retract, in a similar manner to e. stop behavior See video:
    Sometimes the press will run for 30 minutes or more with no issue, sometimes it only runs for a short time. "Servo not ready" alarm often accompanies the occurrence, before the prox alarms.
    ​​​At all times, the servo displays "AL - -". The press serial# is 343535743S.
    Support has been good to deal with, but unable to find a solution. Here is what we have tried:
    Rehome the machine
    Check servo motor for oil leaking from reducer
    Replace servo batteries
    Check connections to clevis fork/attached solonoid
    Thanks in advance for your help. I will post the solution in this thread once fixed.