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I-Image STE capping station concerns

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  • I-Image STE capping station concerns

    We are merging companies and one of our printers was brought over and not capped properly and was left off. I believe the capping station is dried out. I'm not sure if that's irregular or if there's an easy fix.

    Is it okay that its dried out? I'm the new operator of this machine. Tips about the I-images in general are greatly appreciated!


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    What do you mean that it didn't cap properly? The cap system did not operate and move up?
    Please give the M&R Digital Service Department a call ASAP. There could be a few things that will cause the PWC to not work properly. Working with one of our tech over the phone will be the fastest and best option for you right now.
    Marco Zablockij
    M&R Company
    Digital Products Division
    Digital Service Dept: 847-410-3500
    Main (M&R): 800-736-6431


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      We have to manually cap when not being used and I'm not sure they knew that when they drove it over from the other building. Nobody was here to nozzle check for a month too. No sure if that would cause any issues or not. They've been cleaning the wiper tray with an alcohol and water mixture from what they showed me. I need to relearn how to take care of the STE ii because they didn't show me the correct way. I'll be looking through the manual they have.