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I-image STE Bi-Direction print not lining up

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  • I-image STE Bi-Direction print not lining up

    We have an I-image STE and haven't had much for problems except today. We went to run our first print of the day and noticed our passes got changed to 4 and would not allow printing because the image resolution in the RIP is set to 1200x900. I switched to 6 Pass and noticed the print wasn't lining up (see attached images). I switched the print direction to Unidirection and it works fine but in Bidirection mode it causes this problem. I've gone through several different calibrations but nothing has helped or even made any changes. Can someone please tell me what calibration to go through to get the Bidirection print registered?

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    This sounds like you lost your Printer Control program settings. In Printer Control, in the upper right hand corner if it says custom instead of the proper print mode name, You are printing in an un-calibrated mode. Which sounds like exactly what is happening. We would need to log in via Teamviewer and restore Printer Control's settings. Please contact Jon one of our digital service technicians @ 800-736-6431 he is aware of your situation. .

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