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M-Link Black Garment Issues

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  • M-Link Black Garment Issues

    I am recent owner of the new M-Link DTG printer. I am amazed with the quality of print on white garments and most colored shirts. My issue is on black shirts.. I have been having numerous issues with printing on black shirts ranging from a 1 color (Mostly Whites and Grays) to the white under base creating spotty undertones showing through multi color prints. At this point I am hoping to at least be able to print a white ink graphic that doesn't pool up or turn yellow.. I can supply images if that helps. When it comes to printing grays in particular, it comes out more on the blueish side of the color spectrum. I have attempted many setting adjustments, dropping the under base levels.. dropping the color value... dropping the highlight... Nothing seems to make it print out close to the intended graphic. If i print the same graphic and same file on a white shirt.. It comes out perfect. Hopefully someone has some ideas.

    My tech guy who set it up did mention this just now:

    Regarding the colors, I've heard we should be having new color profiles getting ready to drop soon. Apparently there was a change in the ink formula we weren't made aware of until recently and have had to go back and check the profiles to make adjustments for them.

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    M-Link Black Garment Issues

    We will be happy to help you out. Please call us at 800-736-6431 and ask for Harvey Knapp he is our DTG specialist.
    Alex Mammoser
    Digital Products Sales
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    Mobile: 630-220-6588
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