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I am new here and have a few questions.

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  • I am new here and have a few questions.

    I purchased a used MSP 3140. This unit has the EZpluss controller on it. I would like to know if this unit measures in Lt units or is it only seconds? It seams that when it counts down it is a lot longer than a second would be. the only numbers i could get from it on the name plate on the side were d or 0 098 005. I could hardly make them out as this was the best i could get. If there is a sensor i can not find it. I would also like to get a manual for this unit if i could. The previous owner only had a few papers on it not very helpful.
    I am new to this and could some help on some ball park times to get started with. It seams that you could setup your own custom settings.
    Thanks in advance for any info that could help.
    Duane is my email
    209 985-8081 cell.
    Thanks again.