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Diamond back press not holding pressure.

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  • Diamond back press not holding pressure.

    My press was not performing well and eventually stop holding pressure. I checked the compressor and it was working properly. I called M&R and the technician told me to check the water filter, I did and confirmed that it was not the problem ( filter changed 4 months prior). I realized that pressure was slow to build up by looking at the pressure meter under the press and mention that to the tech. The tech then concluded that it had to be a compressor issue so he advised me to contact my compressor company and have them check the compressor. I checked the compressor again and confirmed that there was noting wrong with it, it had to be a press issue. I spent hours try to figure it out and finally I realized that the 4 screws that hold the regulator assembly together were loose , preventing pressure from building up. I tightened the screws and the press was fixed. I suggest everyone who has a press with a similar regulator to check these screw periodically since I suspect then they get loose due to vibrations and when they do you will loose press performance due to slow pressure build up. Also a note to the wonderful M&R phone support to keep this easy fix in mind and perhaps the checking the regulator screw should be included as a maintenance item on the manual.
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    Diamond back press not holding pressure.

    You should also periodically drain the water from the base chamber on the press. There is a bolt under the large base beam.
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      Re: Screen Printing Las Vegas

      Originally posted by jeffsandrini
      This kind of problem occurs usually in screen printing equipment. Still facing same issue? Feel free to ping me here!!
      That has to be the stupidest answer I've ever seen here.


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        Re: Screen Printing Las Vegas

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