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Regular Maintenance Battery Question - PROGRAM WIPED >$1000 FIX

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  • Regular Maintenance Battery Question - PROGRAM WIPED >$1000 FIX

    I want to start out by saying I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to automatic presses, i have encountered a major hurdle and need to hear advice/thoughts from the crowd to see if my thought process is correct.

    We have recently purchased a '90 M&R Gauntlet from a seller in Texas. Upon arrival to our shop, we realized we needed a technician. We found a technician who came and did the necessary calibrating, registering, etc. We informed the tech that we needed to get it set up in perfect working order, as well as get instructions on any necessary monthly/annual/or bi annual maintenance that needs to be done. He informed us that when he was finished, it should run for up to 10 years with 'barely any maintenance'. After several hours of hooking it up, working and registering he informed us that we needed to order a new solenoid so we did so, it arrived a couple days later. He then came back and the machine would not power on at all, upon closer examination he informed us that the battery had died, and the program had wiped and that only M&R could fix this.

    My question to the group: When a tech is setting up a new machine for a client, who has admitted that they do not know very much about maintaining them, is it standard practice to recommend a battery replacement? It is my belief that if he was setting it up to be in good working order, he should have shown us the battery and said 'this needs to be replaced' instead of completely leaving it out of the equation. Do Tech's replace the batteries ? ( note that this is not an official M&R tech, but is allegedly a reputable and experienced tech)

    TLDR: Purchased an older Gauntlet machine, paid a technician (very good $) to come out and set it up, he did not look at or change the battery - battery dies a couple days later and now we have to send back to M&R and spend over $1000 to fix. Should the tech have looked at or changed the battery, or instructed us it should be changed?

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    Nothing replaces an M&R tech. I understand they are expensive and can't always come to you right away. Anyway. A tech will not be able to tell for certain when the battery in your machine will die. There is no warning. I've heard a few rules of thumb, 1 year, 2 years or 3 years. Obviously have to weigh risk with cost. The longer a press sits without being hooked up to power, the sooner the battery will die. I haven't asked an M&R tech to install a battery but I assume they would. I've installed a few on my own machines. There is routine maintenance that applies specifically to the machine you have. You should be able to call M&R tech support and ask what maintenance you should do. I've had to send a PC back to M&R to get reprogrammed, i understand.