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Head 1 prox alarm 96' gauntlet 8-10?

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  • Head 1 prox alarm 96' gauntlet 8-10?

    Ok so long story short.. lol
    In the middle of a 5000 f/b tee run.. about 1250 front to finish them up and I start getting a head 1 prox alarm.
    So... I have a couple new prox.. in the box... I swap them out on print head 8 (96' m&r gauntlet 8/10)
    Test prints great...
    Auto... gets to "print head 8"... alarm?
    BUT... "first white "print head 1" is also printing.
    All heads Manual great.
    Auto... prints great...
    auto... alarm?
    Test... great..
    auto... alarm?
    Is there something I'm missing?
    Or is it actually "print head 1"? Or print head 8?

    I had to get outta there before I messed something up!!
    Looking for suggestions for when I get to the shop in the morning!!!

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