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Yellow cord Alarm MR Sportsman 2002

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  • Yellow cord Alarm MR Sportsman 2002

    Hi, I need help with my Sportsman. We were printing perfectly fine until we needed to add more ink to one of the screens/heads. Once we loaded up we got back to start printing however, the machine will not reset and alarm just says "YELLOW CORD" but all of my yellow cords are connected. Please help. Thank you so much in advance!

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    Sometimes ink or contamination gets in the magnet and doesn't allow contact of the metal surfaces.Try tying the ends of the cables together one set at a time. Or use light gauge speaker wire 70 inches long. Strip the insulation off each end. Trap the wire between the magnets eliminating 1 cable at a time. The speaker wire completes the circuit. Process of elimination working your way around the press. Or check each cable for continuity with a meter.
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