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  • GAUNTLET 2 PROBLEMS?? help!!

    Hi, we have a gauntlet 2 8 col..... been working ok, but today has come with this error reading in the "lists" panel SERVO NOT READY REVERSE LIMIT
    the plattens will not lock in place solidly.... like its out of adjustment?? have had the side panel off, but cannot see an obvious problem?
    any help much appreciated!! thanks Gez

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    Over travel limit must be cleared before anything can be done. Are your operators using the emergency stop button for a misload? Most of the time this is what allows the over travel alarm to take occur. If so , you need to slow the press down for more load time.
    1. Turn the power off.
    2. Go to the index assembly under the press.
    3. Located on the right end of the screw assembly is a square shaft protruding through the flange bearing. Using a wrench , rotate the screw so the screw moves off the over travel limit switch.
    4. Turn power on , let the system boot up , then activate reset 1 or 2 times. The screw should start turning slowly searching for home position and eventually lock the carousel in. From there you should be good to go .
    If it doesn’t search for home and lock in, you may need to activate “HOME” in restricted data or service data. Password 248 .
    When was the last time the battery in the servo amplifier was replaced? The battery is good for 2.5 to 3 years.

    If needed contact service at 1 800 483-8765 for further instruction.
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