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Sprint 2000 Flame Failure recuring issue

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  • Sprint 2000 Flame Failure recuring issue


    I contacted Dan Goldberg in early November regarding an issue we were having with the Flame going out on the Sprint 2000. We diagnosed a few things over the phone and ordered/replaced some parts. After replacing the parts listed below, everything worked just fine up until a couple of days ago, when it started to do the exact same thing it did 4 months ago.

    We fire up the dryer in the morning. Everything runs fine for 3-4 hours; then out of the blue, we get an alarm. We get a “Flame Failure” with the “Interlocks Closed” green-lighted. If we shut the dryer down, let it go below 150deg and restart the dryer, it will run fine for another 60-90 minutes before the exact same failure happens. If we try to fire up the dryer immediately following a flame failure, the dryer heats up for a couple of minutes and kicks off again, giving us the same Flame Failure alarm.

    In November 2018 we replaced the flame rod and plug, the flame pack controller, tested the gas line and pressures and replaced the 2 gas gauges as per Dan G. recommendation. The dryer fired right up and ran great until a couple of days ago.

    I have bypassed the safeties one by one, and then all of them together to try and narrow down the problem. Even with all the safeties bypassed the dryer behaves the same way…..Flame Failure.

    I’m posting this now so a few of you might have had the same issue and get back to me here. I'll be contacting customer support if I don’t hear from anybody here.


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    Did you replace the base assembly too when the veriflame controller was replaced ?
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    CGS Sales & Service,LLC
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      Negative Tony....I was told to order the VeriFlame..... I ordered the part as it was listed in the manual....apparently, that part # is only the top piece of the Veri-flame? Thats all I received when I ordered it new. There is no part number for the bottom piece that I can find.
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