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Diamondback E with a Serrano Flash...

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  • Diamondback E with a Serrano Flash...

    We recently acquired a Diamondback E and purchased Serrano Flash to go with it.

    With have an encountered an issue in revolver mode, where no matter what, we have to flash every garment. We are not able to program Revolver mode to change flash times on rotations or even turn it off in between.

    Basically, I want to be able to have the flash on for the first round, have it off for the second, then back on for the third round. I have no been able to program this, and I'm perplexed on how to be able to do this. Please help!

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    I have a diamondback S and whenever I use revolver it flashes every round... Not sure that can be changed. Not ideal workaround but when you start revolution #2 you can change the flash time to zero seconds and then back for round #3.