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Heatwave Startup Problems

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  • Heatwave Startup Problems

    So I've been through my new-to-me Heatwave dryer. I've gotten to know it very well, working with M&R Service to eliminate the previous owner's safety bypass jumper wire to get it to run as designed utilizing all safeties. In the process I've also replaced most of the gas train components and several other parts including Honeywell gas valve, Maxitrol Valve, Maxitrol board, spark plug and wiring, flame rod and wiring, and high temp sensor, and a relay (CR2).

    Once the burner ignites, it runs great and holds temperature very well, but getting the burner ignited at the start of the day is always a struggle. Yesterday, after a dozen attempts that ended in an alarm, I thought maybe a spider/critter got in around the burner, so I disconnected the gas junction and blew air into the burner to clear any debris. After that, it fired right up, and I verified the incoming pressure regulator set to 6" water, and the manifold pressure to .7 inches of water, and it ran fine all day, consistently holding within a degree or two of the set temperature.

    This morning, same story: the purge cycle runs fine, but 5-6 times through all ended in alarms and failure to light the burner. I haven't touched the regulator or manifold pressure since the prior day. I do smell gas after several attempts which means it's not a fuel issue. Is there anything else I can adjust or look at? I can't take the thought of blowing air through the burner to get it started each morning.

    Thank you,


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    Had a look around at the burner, there was soot and debris on the spark plug. Cleaned plug, and scrubbed flame rod with steel wool while I was in there. Then verified exhaust blower and screen were clean, increased pressure slightly on the regulator from 6" to almost 7", and it fired right back up. So far, so good.