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Diamondback S 8/10 behaviour

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  • Diamondback S 8/10 behaviour

    This a 6 months old machine and I am experiencing some strange behaviours with and without revolver mode to the point I am questioning the sanity of the PLC program.

    Issue #1, Running a manual test print sometimes, not always will produce a double stroke, although the display shows no double stroke.

    Issue #2, After a successful run in revolver mode and multiple strokes on some heads and switching the print finish switch, if for any reason I stop the machine in this last speedy rotation and then start it again the machine will print on one of the heads again although the job is finished.

    Issue #3, I program a job using the revolver mode, verify it step by step and initiate the print start session, just to find out that one of the head later in the print order fires up as well, screwing the whole sequence.
    Only way around in this case, is shutting down the machine and restart, without changing anything everything goes normally this time.

    Issue #4, on head number 4 sometimes ago the valve on the back left of this head was loosing some air through the little muffler, I replaced the valve under warranty with a new one. All good for a few days and it is acting again, exact same issue at the muffler port. This valve is working without any problem most of the time but all of a sudden this issue shows up unexpectedly.
    Occasionally when turning on the machine in the morning I can hear some air escaping from this valve, the only way around to stop it is to cycle the print head once and it's stops loosing air.
    Clearly the valve is not faulty.

    Believe me, It make the machine operator a little nervous at every start of a new job.
    Could the programming of the PLC generate these events, maybe it needs updating or re-installed with a fresh version ?