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Flame Out Error on Startup Mini Sprint Int'l 2000

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  • Flame Out Error on Startup Mini Sprint Int'l 2000

    What would be the first thing to look at in the case of a "Flame Out" alarm. It has been occasionally coming after startup, after purge but before the dryer reaches the set temperature? It does not happen every time.

    We also occasionally get a belt proximity alarm but I think that may be a separate issue. This morning both happened at the same time.

    We just turn the main power off to the dryer and restart it and the issue goes away until the next occasion. This does not happen all the time. Maybe a few times a month.

    Any insight would be appreciated.
    Steve Simons
    Texas Promowear
    Humble, TX

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    Watch preesure gauge when lighting, when preesure drops or goes high, usually for me its low.
    Running mini-sprint now.