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    M&R’s Shop Floor-Layout Program helps you create the ideal floor plan for streamlined production flow and maximum shop efficiency—before you start arranging or rearranging equipment.

    You must be a registered member of the M&R Companies Forums to download this program. Registration is free, but requires a valid email address. To complete the registration process, you will be sent a verification email with a link to click in order to verify your email address. (You will need to verify your email address before you can log in and post to the forums.

    Once you are registered you can download the Shop Floor-Layout Program in either of two versions, .zip (compressed) or .exe (executable installer file). This will not download to a tablet or phone.

    Click here to register.

    M&R Shop-Floor-Layout Program HOW TO

    • Draw your production floor outline using the “Wall” tool. Set the appropriate wall thickness.

    • Use the “Place Prefab” tool to properly position support pillars.

    • Import icons of your M&R equipment and place the machine(s) on the shop layout.

    • Move the machinery icons around using the “Select” tool. Try different layouts until you’ve identified the best possible configuration for production flow.

    • Use the “Dimension” tools to measure the distances between equipment, or from equipment to pillars and walls.

    • Use the “Square/Rectangle” and “Circle” tools to draw other types of equipment and add them to the drawing.

    • Use the “Rotate” tool to reorient equipment.

    • Use the “Text” tool to identify items or enter comments.

    • NOTE: M&R equipment drawings automatically include names and pertinent technical information.

    • The adjustable “Grid” makes precise movement of elements simple and accurate.

    • The “Zoom” tool provides close-up viewing for fine adjustments. (The mouse “scroll wheel” can also control the Zoom function)

    • The “Auto-fit” tool adjusts the drawing to display full-screen


    Some new machines have been added to M&R's lineup since the original version of the Shop Floor Layout Program was released, so we have an update that will add the latest M&R, Amscomatic and NuArc machines to the equipment options in the software.

    To install the update, download the zip file attached to this post named Updated Equipment Diagrams.zip, then open the zip file using the native windows decompressor by right-clicking the file and selecting "UnZip to . . ." or "Extract to . . ." from the menu that appears. Depending on your version of Windows, you may need to use a 3rd party program like WinZip to open the file.

    Open the "Updated Equipment Diagrams" folder that results from the decompression. Now locate and open the folder at C:/Program Files/M&R Sales and Service/M&R Floor Layout/Machines on the computer with the Shop Floor Layout software installed. (if you chose a different location for the software when you installed it originally, you will need to locate the "Machines" folder in that directory.)

    Copy and Replace all of the files in the "Updated Equipment Diagrams" folder to the "Machines" folder, and you're done. The next time you open the Shop Floor Layout Program, you should have all of the latest equipment diagrams.

    For questions on using the software, see the posts in this thread or contact Andy Oleson at andy.oleson@mrprint.com

    If you have any trouble downloading the software, please contact Scot Parker at scot.parker@mrprint.com.
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